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Parenting Classes

The mission of Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is to protect children and to act in the children's best interest, to seek active involvement of children, parents, and other family members to solve problems that lead to abuse and neglect.  The mission of H.O.P.E. for Sunny Skies is to provide parents with knowledge on child development, co-parenting, and the stressors of parenting to prevent abuse and neglect of their children. In order to assist Texas Department of Family and Protective Services in adhering to their mission to solve problems that lead to abuse and neglect, our organization is willing to provide the major resource needed, PARENTING EDUCATION. Classes are also offered to parents going through divorce or just parents that would like to take parenting classes to gain a more structured family dynamic. 

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Interactive Baby Monitoring

This service will be provided in addition to parenting classes if follow-up support is needed.

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Reality Care Baby

This smart baby adds meaning and accountability by using wireless programming to track and report on caregiver behaviors. Tracked behaviors include care events, mishandling actions, time in a car seat as well as clothing changes.



Baby’s software can:
• Track care events, abuse, surrounding temperatures, time in a car seat and clothing changes
• Customize simulations using schedules based on real infants
• Program up to 100 Babies, up to 7 days in advance
• Receive and print detailed assessment reports




The basic care curriculm covers child safety, emergency procedures, child abuse prevention, and infant/toddler development.

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