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About Us

H.O.P.E. for Sunny Skies was founded on July 5, 2011. The organization was created to help reduce the number of children that come into CPS custody and to also act as a preventative method for parents who have never been involved with CPS. We provide services for families in Fort Bend County (currently localized in the Richmond/Rosenberg area). Services include 8-10 week intensive parenting classes, Parent/Child Visitation Supervision and Coaching.

The Need

Based on the 2022 Family and Protective Services Data Reports there were 273,415 cases assigned for CPS investigation. Of those, 109,768 were ruled out which means 66% of the cases children were not removed from the home and were most likely in need of resources or support services.

Research has shown that parents and other caretakers who have resources and support are more likely to prove a safe home for their children (Mallon and Hess 2005). If there is a lack of support services it can cause parents to make poor decisions that may lead to the neglect or abuse of their children.

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Our Board Members

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Tamika Harvey

Vice President

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Heather Edwards

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Tameka Brown

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Rashada Torrence


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Nieka Brown

Teara McKentie

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Robert Torrence Jr.


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Kendra Scott

Olivia Lawdins

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