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Parent / Child Visitation Services

Our goal is to provide the supervision of court ordered parent-child visitation, as well as helping with obstacles parents endure through parenting education sessions. There are many situations in family law cases, or other cases affecting the parent-child relationship, when the need arises for a neutral third party to supervise visitation between a parent, or another party, and a child or children. Reasons for referral include sexual, physical, and emotional abuse of a child, parent alienation syndrome, domestic violence, kidnapping, drugs and alcohol abuse by a parent and mental illness of a parent. We offer in-person supervision at agreed location, neutral drop-off and pick-up, transportation services, and virtual vists via Zoom. 


$50.00 initial administration fee for setting up services.



Make payments for services through the Pay Portal Link below.


Register for Services

Please make sure you complete the Intake Form and email to Also read the General Information Packet prior to registering for services

You will be contacted within 2 buiness days!!
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